Walk the Talk


The Sustainable Living Festival acts as a gateway to sustainable living for all Australians. We aim to walk the talk in event production.

Our production office in East Melbourne is powered by solar energy, using a grid connected photovoltaic system. Eco-designed products, reused materials, and reconditioned computers for our staff provide an example of a modern office that has minimal environmental impact and maximum social benefit. Open source software is currently being trialed.

Help us become Australia ‘s first totally waste free event. Our onsite Waste Wise team will be separating paper, glass, cans, plastic, and food waste for compost and recycling. We will also have a funky Wash against Waste station for plates and cutlery from our food venders. This will keep the use of disposable food and drink containers to a minimum.

Our Festival will use Green Power for its energy needs. Promotional material including: letterheads, brochures, programs and postcards use a waterless printing process, vegetable based inks, and are printed on post consumer and recycled waste paper.

For further information please contact Dom GD.