Venue: Federation square

The banks of Melbourne ‘s Yarra River have had a long history of attracting events and celebrations. Years ago local aboriginal tribes, including the Bunnarong and Wurundieri would gather for ceremonial and recreational activities.


Today the river hosts Melbourne ‘s newest event, and is a public space landmark. Linking the stretches over 3.8 hectares and features a series of integrated major public spaces, both indoor and outdoor.

Public Access

Federation Square’s access to public transport needs little mention, trams, trains, buses, and even riverboats are easily accessible to the site. But we encourage you to consider, the environmental option, one of the many bike paths, or walking trails that wind through Melbourne and along the Yarra.

Innovative Design

The site uses a unique temperature control system, a passive heating and cooling method which requires only one tenth of the energy consumption required for conventional air conditioning. It generates less than one tenth of conventional CO2 emissions.

The site boasts good solar access and, in the month of February, there is a lot of it. Clever use of natural light in the Atrium and Amphitheatre give a delightful lighting effect.