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Venue: Federation square

The banks of Melbourne ‘s Yarra River have had a long history of attracting events and celebrations. Years ago local aboriginal tribes, including the Bunnarong and Wurundieri would gather for ceremonial and recreational activities.


Today the river hosts Melbourne ‘s newest event, and is a public space landmark. Linking the stretches over 3.8 hectares and features a series of integrated major public spaces, both indoor and outdoor.

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Walk the Talk


The Sustainable Living Festival acts as a gateway to sustainable living for all Australians. We aim to walk the talk in event production.

Our production office in East Melbourne is powered by solar energy, using a grid connected photovoltaic system. Eco-designed products, reused materials, and reconditioned computers for our staff provide an example of a modern office that has minimal environmental impact and maximum social benefit. Open source software is currently being trialed.

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